Hakse mobile phone center in Phnom Penh, Phnom Penh - 2 days guarantee offered by Samsung

Phnom Penh, Phnom Penh
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We were in a holiday at 19th of December in Cambodia. We bought Galaxy S 3 from HAKSE one-stop mobile phone center in Phnom Penh. We chose this store because it was legitimate Samsung store. The shopkeeper told us that the phone has one year guarantee. We said that we are going to Siem Reap and if there is a problem with the phone we would come back to fix it before heading back to Finland. Shopkeeper said that would be fine.

At the bus to Siem Reap we noticed that it is impossible to take pictures with the phone. We decided to come back to Phnom Penh and fix the problem.

After one week we came back to the store. Then the problems began. They said that we do not have the right kind of guarantee. Our guarantee is only for the software, not to the hardware?. And they also said that the guarantee is only for two days. They did not tell us this when we bought the phone. They only said that there is one year guarantee. So they lied to us. I spoked to the shop owner and He said that it is not He's problem and He has other businesses attend to. When we asked about the guarantee from the same woman who sold us the phone She said that She has never even spoke to us. We showed them the recipe and Samsung''''s guarantee (15 month) paper. They said still said they are not fixing the phone.

We called to Finland and there was a nice man who said that He is trying to fix the problem. In the evening he sent as an email that there is nothing that He can do because Finland is not listed in the guarantee paper. He said that we should contact some other foreign Samsung office.

We thought that if you buy Samsung phone in a legitimate Samsung Store you get the same service regardless in witch country will get it, but apparently not. We were bewildered that such a big brand as Samsung has stores in which the customers are hoaxed.How is this even possible?

We hope that Samsung will fix this problem and contact to reseller HAKSE.

Monetary Loss: $520.


Singapore, Singapore, Singapore #746538

Yes, this shop is a scam. Bought so many phones from them in the past without guarantee. In September 2013 bought a Samsung S4 from them WITH guarantee. Now broke down after 2 months. Keep switching itself off. When to the shop today 23 Nov 2013 with the guarantee card, they say no guarantee. Must be the battery problem.

Say must buy new battery. So I ask how much. US$25. Went to the next shop a few shops away and they quoted US$18. Told Hake to go f themselves.

Bloody poor service attitude. When attending to you, they don't pay attention, keep talking to other people.

*** place. Forever ban Hakse Central Market, Phnom Penh.

to Anonymous #746998

I so f unfair that these kinds of places can still do business. I understand that you get scammed in the market area but in an official Samsung shop?!

That’s crazy.

And there where lot of people both times when we were there. Hopefully many see this site and know to avoid the place!

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